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Roof repair for flat roofs, skylights, and tall ceilings is our specialty. For a FREE, no-obligation estimate or to learn about our roof repair in Orlando FL services, call (407) 251-1187, schedule an appointment, or fill out a contact form. We have been providing residential and commercial roof repair services in Orlando FL and nearby areas for more than 15 years with guaranteed results.

A leaking roof may not always require a complete roof replacement. Broken or missing shingles, as well as cracked and blistered regions, are minor issues that might lead to a leak. Although the prospect of having residential roofing repairs in Florida may seem daunting, the process is actually a lot simpler than you may imagine. The problem can usually be handled fast and simply.

Your first step should be to contact your insurance company and request that an adjuster visit your house to assess the damage. Also, be sure to notify us so that one of our experts can get on the site to inspect the damage and get it fixed as soon as possible. Our roof repair professionals strive to make the procedure as simple as possible for you by accompanying you every step of the way.

Roof Repair Orlando

Commercial Roof Repairs in Orlando FL

If you operate a business in Central Florida, you will ultimately require commercial roofing repairs. Orlando Roofing Contractors offer extensive expertise with high-quality commercial roofing services. Our commercial roofers are specially qualified to handle commercial roof repairs, replacements, and new construction projects. We’ll work with you to keep your business running smoothly while minimizing the impact on your budget.

Signs that Indicate the Need for Roof Repair

  • There are a few symptoms that your roof in Central Florida needs to be repaired:
    There are certain portions of your roof that are sinking, suggesting a serious underlying issue.
  • Water damage to your ceiling and walls, as well as leaks.
  • This is a major worry if you can see natural light beaming through your ceiling. If left unchecked, the present hole exposes the inside of your business to the outdoors and will most likely grow in size.
  • If there is any loose material on your roof, you should visually check it. Check for additional wear and tear in the areas surrounding vents, chimneys, and pipes.
  • Examine the area for indications of decay or mold.

In Florida, can a General Contractor Repair a Roof?

In the state of Florida, when placing shingles on structures for which they pulled the construction permit, general contractors can only execute the job in-house (with their own staff). General contractors are also permitted to do warranty work on the roofing systems of the structures they have constructed.

It is advised to search for a professional roof repair near me and let the experts handle the job for you like the ones at Roof Repair in Orlando FL.

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