Roof Maintenance in Orlando FL

Most Reliable Roof Maintenance in Orlando FL

There’s no denying that a well-kept roof can project an image that few other features can match. When roof maintenance in Orlando FL is done correctly, a property’s value can immediately increase due to an increase in curb appeal. As a result, maintaining the roof is the first step in preparing a house for sale.

In fact, regular leaf and debris removal may be all that’s required to extend the life of an old roof. In other cases, complete cleaning and eradication of algae and mold growth may be required.

Regularly scheduled and well-conducted roof maintenance can increase the life of the roof by as much as 20%. For example, Florida algae on roof shingles eat away at the asphalt covering beneath the limestone granules, requiring upkeep. Roof care, on the other hand, rarely comes to mind of many homes and commercial property owners, who are preoccupied with the day-to-day tasks of life—until a leak occurs.

Roof Inspection in Orlando FL

Our Roof Maintenance Program Includes:

  • A first roof examination that includes a visual and photographic recording of all membrane and roof surface regions, as well as roof flashings and accessories.
  • A link to the inspection images and maintenance documents that may be downloaded on demand.
  • A photographic record of present problems, such as blistering or wear and tear, as well as any recommendations for correction.
  • Surface debris removal from roof accessories such as pipes, vents, gutters, and scuppers on a regular basis, and drains are cleaned of foreign materials (if necessary).
  • Re-sealing roof seams, wall flashing seams, roof parapets, skylights, solar water heaters, and solar panels.

Contact Us for a Free Roof Maintenance Cost Estimate

For any items not covered by our roof maintenance service, Orlando Roofing Contractors will always issue a line-itemized cost estimate. For instance, if a full-condition examination of the roof finds that a roof cleaning is acceptable and suggested, we will offer you a quotation for this cleaning. You, as a client, are not obligated to hire Orlando Roof Maintenance services if you do not want to. Your choice is and will always be yours.

Our roof maintenance service is convenient for homeowners, building owners, property managers, and Homeowners Associations that want a second pair of eyes and a second opinion to compare to other contractors’ perspectives, insurance adjusters’ opinions, and to just have peace of mind.

Call us now at (407) 251-1187 or just leave us a message to get started today! Orlando Roofing is your only trusted roof maintenance partner in the state of Florida.