When searching for the best roofing contractors in Orlando And Surrounding Area, Orlando Roofing Contractors will be at the top of the list. With over 15 years experience And certified workers, our dedicated staff is sure to get the job done right the first time….

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Orlando roofing Contractors skilled workers are here to help you out in all your Orlando roofing needs and leave no table unturned in making you satisfied with their quality work. We are surely Orlando FL most trusted and top roofing contractors and our first priority is client satisfaction. We strive to provide the best roofing services in Orlando FL at reasonable prices. We won’t stop until your roof is perfectly installed or repaired with all the required specs.

When it comes to quality roofing in Orlando, we exactly know how to deal with our customers and give them peace of mind. Whether it is Owens corning roofing, clay tile roofing, or roof repairs commercial projects, we come up with the best and accurate roofing estimate.


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Services Provided by Our Orlando Roofing Company

Our Roofing Company invests in quality craftsmanship and exceptional client services and has become the only roofing contractor choice in Florida. Our roofing services include:

Orlando roofing contractors

Roof Installation in Orlando

In addition to providing shelter and protection to your property, an aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching roof also increases the overall curb appeal of your building, whether it is residential or a commercial one! Keeping in mind all these things and the roofing requirements of our customers, we are providing quality roof installation services in Orlando FL. Just discuss your needs with our roofers and leave the rest on to them. Learn More

Roof Replacement Orlando

Roof Replacement in Orlando

Whether you want to give your place a different and new look or replace the old damaged roof, choose no other than our reliable roof replacement services in Orlando FL. We know that it is a costly and time-consuming process but our professional roofers at Orlando Roofing are all capable of completing the work on time and at a cost that does not weigh on your pockets. Just give us a chance. Call now at (407) 251-1187. Learn More

Roof Repair Orlando

Roof Repair in Orlando

Equipped with state-of-the-art tools and techniques, we are here to offer you efficient and best roof repair services in Orlando FL. Aging or natural disasters can damage your property’s roof system putting the lives of your loved ones in severe danger. The best thing you can do is timely repairs to avoid any major calamity. We come up to you with the best possible roof repair solutions. Continue reading to learn more about our services. Learn More

Roof Inspection in Orlando

Roof Inspection in Orlando

Most homeowners know the necessity for a complete roof inspection after a hailstorm or other major weather event to determine if their roof has been damaged. But that shouldn’t be the only time you think about the condition of your roof. You must get your roof inspected every now and then so that if there is any problem, you will be able to cure it on time. Trust in our roof inspection services in Orlando FL in this manner. Learn More

Roof Maintenance Orlando Fl

Roof Maintenance in Orlando

It’s critical to ensure the integrity of your roof so that you wouldn’t have to pay for repair work or maybe a replacement. Routine maintenance might help you save money in the long term. You can do a part of the maintenance work yourself at home. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself or don’t have the necessary equipment, you can always hire professional roof maintenance services in Orlando FL to do it for you. Learn More

Shingle RoofingShingle Roofing Orlando

Shingle Roofing

For homes and business owners in Florida, Orlando Roofing Contractors provides asphalt shingle roof installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance. Our team of professional shingle roofers has been teaching and helping customers with our knowledge and skills for almost a decade, assisting them in making the best decisions possible for their roofing needs. Asphalt Shingle is one of the most often used roofing materials in Florida. Learn More

Flat Roofing Orlando

Flat Roofing

Roofing contractors in Orlando are your trusted source for flat roof installation and repair for all of your residential homes and commercial buildings. We have skilled and qualified flat roofing contractors that make sure your project completes on time with desired results. Our products meet the market’s top-quality standards and come up with affordable pricing. You can simply rely on us for all your Orlando flat roofing or tile roofing clay needs. Learn More

Residential Roofing Contractors

You can easily ignore your roof for years if it is working nicely and doesn’t show any sign of deterioration. But “light gains make a heavy purse”. You may not notice little drops of water that are constantly eroding your roof until it begins to leak out. It is the time when you come to know that the situation is getting worse. To avoid these circumstances, our roofing company in Orlando is here to handle it. We have a customized roof inspection and maintenance plan for your residential roofing so that you may act proactively.

Our residential roofing contractors in Orlando FL are here to provide commercial roof inspection, roof maintenance, and roof repair services along with new roof installation.

Orlando Roofing Contractors

Commercial Roofing Contractors

As Florida climate and rain can negatively affect your commercial rooftops, utilizing quality roofing materials will protect your investment for as long as possible. If you have discovered any issues with your rooftop, the time has come to bring in Orlando’s best roofing contractors to hire. We’ll come out immediately to examine your roofs and encourage you on the best course to take. Call us today at (407) 251-1187 for a free estimate and find out what makes us exceptional among all other commercial roofing companies in Orlando FL.

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We have a wide range of roofing repairs and construction services. Our professionals are fully capable of handling your job, whether it is commercial roofing installation or residential one, all over the town.

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Our carefully trained roofing experts review, test, evaluate and double-check all important information from your project to give your home a definitive assurance – giving you utter peace of mind.

Competitive Prices

Our representative makes a free roofing cost estimate of your proposed project including all types of material and labor costs, material delivery, clean up and the taxes going to be imposed on.

Client Satisfaction​

We need you to be satisfied with your working experience with us so that you will happily recommend us to your companion or relative. We offer motivations to our past clients whose reference or suggestion prompts a reroofing project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Repairs or construction depend upon the type of roof, weather condition, material to be used, and time of inspection. Usually, for 1500 sq. feet, it can take a week or two.

Roof Pricing depends upon many factors, such as material to be used, whether you want to remove the old roof or not, the type of permit, and the location of the job site. The average cost of a roof installation is between $4,133 and $14,029. In Orlando, FL, the average cost of a roof replacement is $8,100.

Sunlight, strong winds, and heavy rainfall have an adverse impact on your roofing system the most. UV rays coming from space can lead the material to deteriorate quickly.

There are a few things to check for when looking for a licensed roofing contractor, and they go beyond a simple Google search. Consult with friends and relatives, read internet reviews, and, most importantly, consult with a public adjuster who is knowledgeable with insurance claims. There is a lot of information available on the internet, but nothing beats a personal suggestion or testimony.

Your roofing contractors should be able to show you their qualifications and even let you call their insurance companies to verify that their coverage is up-to-date and genuine.

The safety of the team carrying out the repair or replacement of the roof is a significant part of the cost, so it is essential to ensure that they are insured. You should also be able to contact or check online to see if their insurance covers the sort of work – as well as the quantity of staff – you require.

It has far more benefits than DIY. Because of their talents and experience, you may be confident in the quality of their work. Furthermore, hiring roofing professionals may save you money on both materials and damage repairs.

The ideal time to replace your roof is in the fall! Rain, snow, heat, and humidity may all have an effect on many aspects of your roof replacement. These weather conditions may also have an impact on how soon your task completes.

It’s likely that your homeowners’ insurance will cover your roof repair cost. Working with a public adjuster can assist ensure that the entire process runs smoothly, that all of your concerns are answered, and that you receive the best possible outcomes – including a maximum insurance claim compensation.

Your roofing provider should also be able to deal with your insurance company and offer the sort of estimate that they want in order to fully comprehend and process your insurance claim.

Yes. Installing a new roof will improve the energy efficiency of your house and help you save money on your monthly energy costs. As a result, older roofs are inefficient and put more strain on your heating and cooling system, resulting in higher energy costs.

Flat roof: A flat roof replacement should take two to three days. 

Concrete Tile: 8–9 business days on average. 

Steel sheets: These might take anywhere from 3 to 4 days. 

Asphalt shingles: The most common roof material may be replaced in 1–2 days.

What is the most energy-efficient roof color?

Placing new shingles over existing ones is never a smart idea, even if a repair project is typically more convenient and cost-effective. It’s usually advisable to rip up the old shingles before putting down the new ones, whether you’re mending a single area of the roof or replacing the entire roof.

While people can roof their own homes, if the project does not pass inspection, it must be corrected until it is completed properly. Roofs that have not been examined or have failed inspection might result in denying insurance claims.

Metal roofs outperform asphalt shingles when it comes to fire protection. And, opposite to popular belief, hail does not easily damage a metal roof. Metal roofs may withstand regular hailstorms better than asphalt shingles.